Swan House | Guest rooms
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Guest rooms

Jeremiah’s Room

Named after Jeremiah, who lived at Swan House in 1826, this magnificent room had been the previous owner’s studio for 27 years. The mezzanine, accessed by the ships ladder, can be used by responsible, supervised children.

Margot’s Room

This beautiful room, named after the previous proprietor’s mother who lived here until 2012, features a peaceful balcony overlooking the courtyard.

Seth’s Room

A gorgeous room for short lovers. Named after Seth Land who lived here in 1777, this room has a creaky floorboard doll’s house quality to it.

Cross joints straddle this historic and characterful room leaving clearance at 1.6 metres. Slightly restricted bed access is fun to come, but not to all.

Eln’s Room

Designed with an empathy for the original Tudor qualities of the room and named after Eln Rede, who lived here in 1587.

The very unique lighting of this room is by Beccles craftsman John Rivenfors using locally found materials.

William’s Room

Creaky floorboards and sympathetic design reflect the original qualities of the room, names after William Bendy who lived in here in 1746.